Series 1 | Part 6: Fire & Air – Wand & Sword

Today, as the title suggests, we will deal with 2 very specific magickal weapons.

Hello and welcome to another episode in our series!

So, as I already mentioned, magick weapons are generally assigned in elements.

But in the case of the sword and the staff there are discrepancies between the different traditions…

Series 1 | Part 5: Magick Tools & Weapons

Hello and welcome to another part of our series ‘Magick in theory and practice’.

Today, I will give a well-grounded overview about ‘magick tools and weapons’ before we go deeper into the topic with the parts to follow.

Some time has passed since our last contribution. So without further ado, let’s get right into the next chapter of our series.

I wish you much pleasure.

Series 1 | Part 4: Invocation & Evocation

A warm welcome to a new and further part of our series Magick in Theory & Practice. We are glad that you are back with us.

Today we will dive into the field of ritual magick. More precisely, we will deal with the indispensable part of Evocation & Invocation and look at the closer connections between in depth.

We wish you an exciting journey. 

Series 1 | Part 3: Magick & Psychology

Hi,  and welcome back to the next part of our series “Magick in Theory and Practice”.

In today’s episode we will deal with the topic of psychology and how it can be generally evaluated and classified in connection with magick.

So let’s start with that. Enjoy!

Series 1 | Part 2: Magick – What? How? & What for?

The topic of magick is gigantic. There are countless disciplines, traditions, directions and ways of working.

For this reason, you can equate the word “magick” with the word “science”, because for there are so many sciences like natural sciences, humanities, social science, etc., which can all be split into an infinite number of individual sciences.

And so there is also an immense many number type of magick…

Series 1 | Part 1: Magick in Theory and Practice. (An Introduction)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

MAGICK! What is magick?

Where does this word come from and what does it mean? Magick is truly a driving force of one’s own evolution, which can be made very simple and at the same time very complicated.

The magick lives in every person and basically everyone can use or uses magick, even if this is not always recognized and understood….