Series 1 | Part 1: Magick in Theory and Practice. (An Introduction)


MAGICK! What is magick?

Where does this word come from and what does it mean? Magick is truly a driving force of one’s own evolution, which can be made very simple and at the same time very complicated.

Magick lives in every individual and basically everyone can use or uses magick, even if this is not always recognized and understood.

As to quote the Master Magician of the last century by himself:

This is exactly why we open the portal on 93 Magick with this series.

The author does his best to illuminate logically and intuitively the broad field of magick, so that the follower gets a real work of theory and practice. In this context, different areas of magick are worked on, so that he can understand what curses are, how he works with self-sufficient energies and how the practice of invocation and evocation works and is done properly.

Since ritual magick is one of the core elements of self-evolution, various PRACTICAL RITUALS are of course broken down in this series, so that one can independently research and try out a very broad spectrum in an art-appropriate manner. In this context, however, the various magickal tools or magickal weapons are presented and explained separately and precisely, since various magickal areas and directions always refer to magickal wands, swords or other ritual objects.

You can create most of them yourself or buy traditionally handcrafted high quality items also here in the shop and try them out immediately in the context of the practical rituals on hand.

The practice here will include the areas of energetic activation and strengthening, as well as the area of consecration of objects. However, healing work and initiating principles of operation are also presented in extensive rituals.

But with all the practice we will cover, the works, deeds and ideas of other magickal and spiritual people and will also be interlinked and illuminated. We will discuss and implement short biographies of various magicians, authors and world changers who have truly influenced the magickal world since centuries – sometimes running, pompous and even scandalous; sometimes silent and quietly in secret.

This will in turn, at least it is the motivation of the author, enable you to recognize new characters and work ideas that you can use bit by bit for your personal magickal work.

In this series, the topic of “magick” is dealt with in theory and practice and viewed on from different perspectives, so that a very broad perspective is examined here. Magick is not a “simple thing” that can be easily understood. In the same breath, however, you have to say that magick is so simple that everyone uses and experiences it permanently.

We in this series will give basic terms and definitions, so that the human intellect gets something to do in the first steps. At the same time, however, the intuition is addressed again and again, so that with the continuation of this series a combination of “head, heart and stomach” is created, which means that even the word “magick” can be interpreted for yourself on various levels.

Of course, the question WHAT the magick is will also be answered carefully. In this context the author will also push a psychological consideration so that one can truly speak of “magickal psychology”. Since there are various technical terms here and there in the magickal scene, these will of course also be illuminated and duly explained.

This in turn will allow the reader of this blog to expand his knowledge, especially when it comes to working with INVOCATIONS and EVOCATIONS. Since in magick practice there is always spoken about “magick tools” or “magick weapons”, these are also presented in depth and explained in detail so that you can fully prepare yourself for the practice in this context.
What is such a “magick wand” used for and do you really have to have a “magick sword”? Why is smoking and an altar really important, or do you not need it at all?
Questions over questions that will get answers here in this forthcoming series on 93 Magick.
Of course, practice will not be neglected in this work either. Hence, we will discuss three different specifically selected rituals, with the possibilities of which one can cover a huge spectrum and gain a deep understanding of the overall functions and mechanisms of magickal ritual in practice.
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Although three rituals may sound “quite limited” at first, you have to keep in mind that there are countless rituals the author will provide and discuss with further progress in this and other future series here to be published on 93Magick.

All rituals and practical instructions are designed so that the interested practitioner can easily try them out by himself and learn by direct experience. You can read and analyze them first, but then you can immediately start practicing magick and ritual, since the rituals are all provided with detailed instructions and assistance.

Yet, please keep in mind that the rituals should basically only be seen as ideas, templates and suggestions, even if they are completely self-sufficient and can also be used in this sense. With the presented rituals the ongoing magician and initiate can carry out excursions and specific work in the areas of “energetic activations and strengthening”, as well as special consecrations and work with the energies that can be called “Archangels”.

However, the aspect of (self) healing and (self) initiation will also be covered by the presented rituals. Further more, this series is intended to encourage the interested follower to think independently and not to be taken over without reflection.
That is exactly why there will also be excourses into the areas of “curses” and the various “wills” or “willpower aspects” of the magickal art.
Can you really do anything you want in magick? What is actually the “will” and how can it be forced, implemented and shaped? Of course, this we will also break down and examine it closely, as it is one of the key elements of the adept of magick and the greatest mysteries.
Other magicians, authors and world changers are also scrutinized. Famous magicians, authors and spiritual people who truly shaped and influenced western magick – some were dazzling personalities that you should and will certainly know, others were rather modest, even though they also contributed their essential part to the general magickal evolution.
All of them will be briefly presented biographically, so that the interested reader can get to know the different characters here.

So these theoretical and practical breakdowns, works, handling and modes of action in this coming series are created in such a way that they can be used completely self-sufficient and independently, whereby one can receive targeted overviews and working proposals on the subject of “Magick in theory and practice”.

At the same time, this series is only a fragment, a fragment of a much larger work that behaves like a magickal network, since the individually following series and parts are deliberately interwoven, so that you can find out for yourself what vibrations and forms of communication this network holds for your personal and solely individual path of spiritual progress on your magickal journey.

Through this knowledge, the transcendence begins so that you can evolve yourself and understand which forms you have already mastered and got to know, and which are still missing in your own collection, inventory and repertoire of your inner temple and bibliotheca.

Any kind of magick will be covered in this complete work to come here on 93Magick. Bit by bit we will cover all conceivable areas, so that on the one hand it is a real living library, but on the other hand it is an “infinite story”, because the magick lives, develops and grows – always!

We will cover in future series and parts the following and more topics:

“Meditation”, “Energy Bodies and Energy Shares”, “Energy Centers and Chakras”, “The Art of Divination”, “Sigil Magick”, “Planet Magick”, “Angels and Cosmic Dynamics”, “Magickal Protection”, “Alchemy ”, “Healing Work and the Teaching of the Elements”, “Shadow Work and Self-Analysis”, “The Power of the Malachim Symbols”, “Mors Mystica and Other Deaths”, “Foundations of the Enochian Magic”, “Kabbalah – knowledge and teachings”, “Rituals, Mantras and Incantations”, “devilish Demons, hell broods and Satanism”, and “Star collectives and their geniuses”.

In addition, there will also be attention drawn to areas dealing with the subject of  “runes”, “witchcraft”, “voodoo”, “shamanism” and much more.

This is, for the author once already wrote:

“Any kind of magick will be covered in this complete work to come here on 93Magick. Bit by bit we will cover all conceivable areas, so that on the one hand it is a real living library, but on the other hand it is an “infinite story”, because the magick lives, develops and grows – always!

So if you are looking for magickal knowledge, which you can also apply in your daily practice, you will gradually find more and more series and parts of this living library here on!

With regard to the overall concept of this magickal online bibliotheca, the practical fragments have all been practically worked out and tried out, so that through the dynamics and possibilities of rituals, meditations, out of body experiences, rites and the further processes involved in this series of articles, a high degree of accuracy will be gradually created.

This accuracy will expectfully highly benefit your own evolution, because since the cosmos is full of humor, self-evolution is simply a game, a game of life and a game of existence. Of course, all rituals, rites, meditations and out of body experiences will be designed in such a way that they can be carried out alone, since not everyone has the support of a magickal community or family.

But if the initiate wants, he can easily use or understand the work as a group work. The author also invites the interested reader to expand the existing work independently and individually and for private personal use, so that one can see for himself that the rituals, rites, meditations and out of body experiences can be given the final and absolutely individual touch.

For all practical work, all rituals, all rites, all meditations and all astral journeys, it is always only suggestions and methods that can be subject to change, expand or add to thyself – maybe even have to add?!  Ponder this. This can be very fitting and successful, but it can also be foolish and dangerous.

Simply that’s magick!

The creativity of every magickal person can recognize and awaken themselves by recognizing stencils as the foundations and creating something out of these foundations by following their own selves and not just any author who, in the end, simply published his magickal ways, experiences, views, opinions and maxims just to create tools for himself that contain both individual and universal grades.

So at the end of this introductional part, the author wants to wish everyone who has found the way to this website and blog a lot of fun and success.

At the same time, he also wants to give a mandatory warning! All work and described versions – regardless of whether they are used in theory or in practice – are always carried out at your own risk!

The problem with magick is not whether it works, but that it works! Therefore everyone has to check for himself whether he is really ready for this spiritual and energetic work. If so … bravely advance and deify yourself!





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