Series 1 | Part 4: Invocation & Evocation


A warm welcome to a new and further part of our series Magick in Theory & Practice. We are glad that you are back with us.

Today we will dive into the field of ritual magick. More precisely, we will deal with the indispensable part of Evocation & Invocation and look at the closer connections between in depth. We wish you an exciting journey.

So, when it comes to ritual magick, there is definitely no getting around the topic of invo and evocation. It is one of the most important techniques by which energies or entities are focused in such a way that communication on the same level is possible. The term invocation means in translation “Calling-In” and is derived from the Latin “invocatio”. As you can already see in the translation, you call an energy into something. Since in every ritual the adept is the most important thing, it is clear that the respective energy is invoked into the body or the energy system of the practicioner.

This step is contrasted with evocation, which is a “summoning” and is derived from the Latin words “evocatio” for call or “evocare” for call out. This technique is about condensing a subtle energy to such an extent that one can communicate with it outside one’s own body or energy system.

Well, both techniques are not entirely without danger, although it must be clearly stated that most energies do not penetrate a body that is completely unsuitable.

So if the magickal newbie tries to invoke, he will rather catch a lapidary energy parasite than cause a real and conscious obsession, which of course also depends very much on the magickal potentials. Obsession? Yes, obsession! That’s all it is.

When I want to work via invocation, I offer my body and my energy system to an entity so that it can enter and, in certain ways, take control. But giving up control or taking over the body is not as easy as you see in some movies. The energy bodies of the human being, especially the breathing body, the higher self, have a clear say. Furthermore, the self-protection mechanisms of the material body are so strong that one does not easily run the risk of injuring oneself in such a way that the incarnation ends abruptly.

In case of an invocation you should nevertheless think carefully about which energy or which energy classes you want to invite. The more highly vibrating an energy is, the more complicated it becomes. If you want, you can imagine that the body and the energy system of a person can be compared to shoes.

If you want to invoke an energy that has a shoe size of 44, but you can only reach an energetic shoe size of 37, you will not have much success. Even if it is the other way around, it is not perfect.

If one imagines that an energy with shoe size 44 is to be invoked into a human system with energetic shoe size 48, one can see that there is enough space, but the energy will not do a cross-country skiing, which means that the connection will not be perfect.

Only when both – human and entity – truly fit together, an invocation will be almost perfect. This can be seen very clearly in the Voodoo theme. When here the energies – the Loas – literally “ride” the respective people, it is a completely different matter than when a western hermetic invokes a divine principle from a European pantheon.

The energies of the Loas are much more specific here when it comes to the choice of their vehicles. Therefore, it is quite possible to observe a complete control over the human body. Since the voodoo communities do not like it when charlatans pretend to be possessed (or invoked), the respective people are often tested in the ceremony. The tests refer to the respective “preferences”, “special features” or “specifications” of the respective Loa.

Whether a person is rubbed chilli powder in the eyes, has to eat glass, walk over hot coals or has to cut or stab himself with a slashing and stabbing weapon depends on the respective loa. The fact is that absolutely nothing happens to these people, who are truly ridden by an energy.

For example, an ethnologist once described an incident – which he himself experienced and also photographed the man during this time and later interviewed him – that during an obsession or “ride” a believer pushed an old knife up to the handle into his head and only pulled it out again after well over 1 hour, without later injuries (apart from a little blood).

The believer, however, did not know about his deed and was not even addressed, since this is one of the unwritten laws that in case of an obsession (which comes along with such violent experiences) the person who was being ridden is not addressed for the deeds. Now, whether this knife action was a matter of luck, let’s leave it at that. The fact is that it was carried out and the fact is that especially in the voodoo religion such actions are not uncommon.

But such results and incidents are not common in all invocations. Because of course the spirits of the people differ immensely here. From the scientific or psychological point of view, an invocation is interpreted as a kind of religious hysteria, so that the energies or beings are not real, but only exist in the imagination of the magician or the currently possessed. This is always a very simple and one-dimensional view, as the term “reality” is not always clearly defined.

How real is an electron for a person who is currently using an electrical device? But here, for the time being, one will not come to a common denominator, because the proofs that natural science wants to have in this case are not so easy to provide. Even if an invocation were made during a brain scan, these results could still be questioned. But whether the energy actually invades the human being or whether it “only” establishes an energetic connection, which may not do justice to the word “reality”, is ultimately irrelevant. What is relevant is that there are invo- and evocations and that they serve an important purpose.

Ceremonial magick is more about an exchange of information or sometimes verbal channeling, which then also deals with very specific topics. World peace or any other topics, mostly propagated by the “light and love eso scene”, are not addressed here.

Just a moment! Does this mean that channeling basically works with the technique of invocation? Basically you can say a clear “YES”, but you should not define any fixed parameters how a channeling has to work in order to be described with the word “invocation”.

It is a fact that a self-sufficient energy establishes contact with the human energy system and passes on individual information. This information is then treated separately by the energy system and the image filters of the respective channel medium – or the completely normal human being – so that a suitable quintessence of external energy and own energy comes out. A self-sufficient energy can ultimately contact the energy system of a person in an infinite number of ways. Therefore, channelings can also take place in very different ways.

It is possible that the person is completely taken over by the respective energy and has no control over himself. If this is the case, one can easily speak of an invocation. A fragmented takeover is also conceivable, so that perhaps a “mental writing” begins, as if the hand and arm no longer belong to the person and are externally controlled.

But also the fact that the medium sees a text in front of the inner eye – either as a whole block of text, similar to a book page or like a kind of ticker-tape – is possible. The same applies to words that the medium hears and simply repeats, as if in this case the medium is simply a channel. Ultimately, anything is possible, whereby auditory and visual transmissions are easier than if the energy were to fall back on the other senses of the medium.

If you want to be very precise, channeling can also be an evocation, because here too, of course, there is an energetic connection between entity and medium. Of course, also during an evocation one will be able to “see” or “hear” something of the entity, which in the end are again only energetic interpretations of one’s own system when it comes to the fact that the evoked entity acts.

The biggest difference is, first of all, that during an evocation the own body is not offered as a vessel, but that another container – this can also be an incantation triangle or another occult object – is activated.

But especially when it comes to channelings, the current spiritual and esoteric world is open to everything – including negative or parasitic energies. So it is important that you always reflect on how you feel when dealing with the respective energy, or whether there are special thought processes that are more harmful than beneficial. Thus, one should always ask oneself how one feels in relation to the called energy.

Does one feel well or is there rather a feeling of anxiety, maybe even fear. You also need to see if the characteristics or energetic patterns of the called energy correspond to those you have found during your intellectual research. Although you should not succumb to the illusion that you are getting a real checklist here and that you can be 100% sure that you are acting with the correct energy, it is very helpful to ask yourself beforehand how it can be that the literary experiences are so far away from your own perceptions.

Well, in the case of angels and the current angel hype, it is difficult to find truthful statements that have not been defaced by an inflated light-and-love ego. Therefore one must always access many sources so that one can get a broad picture of the energy.

When it comes to Archangel Michael, for example, on the one hand there are reports that present him as a warlord, mass murderer and merciless butcher (in the Bible, for example), but on the other hand there are also repeated channelings, reports and accounts that Archangel Michael is so dear that he wraps all people in cotton wool and carries them through life gently with glacé gloves at most. It is not easy to get authentic information here, but in time you will be able to read between the lines of the individual reports, so that you can create your own picture.

Of course it becomes critical when the called energy begins to make demands or offers to fulfill very strange ego desires. If one suddenly receives offers of power, wealth, prestige and whatever flatters the ego when invoked by the offered energy, one should immediately banish the being from his energy household – without further talks or discussions. The same applies to destructive thoughts and feelings, whereby one must again reflect here with what kind of energy I am acting. An archangel will be different from a pantheon-specific god, who in turn is different from a malachim, who of course is also different from any natural energies or element spirits.

In magick, evocations and invocations are primarily used to focus on an imagination and/or a prayer, to create a selected form of energy. The connection can – in the case of an invocation – go as far as the assumption of god forms, so that absolutely complex and highly energetic mental and emotional techniques are used here. But invo- and evocations also the intellectual preparations of the respective magickal person are important. It must not be ignored that one must also deal with all basic information about the respective energy / entity. So if you want to invoke or evocate any energy from any pantheon, it is important to be aware of who you want to work with. This includes cultural and historical information.

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If I want to work with Zeus, I have to know beforehand WHAT this energy is, HOW it is seen, WHAT connections there are in the respective pantheon and how they might affect other pantheas. Of course, clear imaginations are also helpful, which one can achieve by orienting oneself to the classical representations – if there is such a thing about the chosen principle and it is also a meaningful representation. Through this intellectual-mental-emotional acceptance and penetration of the various symbols, allegories and attributes, the development of an energetic connection is clearly forced.

Through this, very clear visual mental or emotional representations can be created, which ultimately can or should lead to a complete identification with the energies to be invoked.

The closer or the more often one acts and works with the respective energy, the closer the contact will become, so that in time it may easily be that one receives a kind of code word, a sigill or another, individual sign from the entity. This makes it possible that one no longer has to perform a complete focusing or “invocation”, but only – according to the key-lock principle – energetically use the special insignia (codeword, sigill etc.) to establish a firm contact.

In general one can say that invocation is a very demanding magickal work, where often there are no effects at all, so that the invocation does not work. The magickal person, who wants to make himself available as a vessel, has to find out individual “magickal techniques” for his energy system, so that he finds a “space” in himself, which allows the respective entity to act. The first steps here are of course meditative states, which one must master and undoubtedly take before the actual invocation, so that the invocation work also has a good starting point.

If your own energy system is completely blocked, if the different chakras are so full of blockages that you cannot feel any individual energy flow anyway, let alone focus it, the whole undertaking will fail. But this is a good thing, because one must have a balanced state in oneself to give an energy the necessary space.

Achieving Equilibrium is one of the basic disciplines of a prospective magician before he/she should start to in- or evoke complex energies ritually.

The factor of concentration of course depends on the protagonist, but also the called energy indirectly determines how wide the spirit of the magickal person has to be opened. If one has sufficient practice and has often worked with the respective principle, a focused state similar to a “daydream” is perfectly appropriate.

One then withdraws one’s day-consciousness somewhat, but cannot be completely switched off. Another energy, however, may already require a state of clear meditation. This can be continued until one has finally worked through all the stages and is somewhere in deep trance or in the state of “Samadhi” and begins a “union with the divine”. It is clear that with increasing intensity of the invocation, the consciousness of the human being fades into the background, but this is often forgotten. When it comes to the fact that the day consciousness of the human being is supposed to give up control to the present energy, a mental blockage is established, so that the invocation ultimately comes to nothing.

So I want to emphasize once again very clearly that an invocation is nothing more than an obsession, which is however deliberately forced and limited in time. When one feels that time has “passed” and that the energy is beginning to withdraw, one can say a mental farewell, which should be based on a clear and mutual respect. A farewell gift is basically superfluous, although here again one must say that it depends on the respective entity or work. In Voodoo, for example, gifts are perfectly normal, whereby most gifts or offerings are examined and usually accepted directly after the invocation, so that there is no farewell offering here. The rum or tobacco is usually used immediately – typical for the energies of voodoo.

Once the invocation is over, it is absolutely essential to take another look at your energy system and clearly check if you are “alone” again. Especially if you work with “foreign entities”, you should check yourself very carefully. But even if you are working with known and familiar energies, you have to check energetically afterwards whether another energy has crept in, which might have a parasitic character. A controlled invocation quickly turns into an uncontrolled possession, even though the parasitic energy has nothing to do with the actual entity.

It can be imagined that the parasite then travelled along in the “slipstream” or “wake” of the respective entity or settled down when the essential energy left the protagonist (or the vehicle, the host body). In order to prevent such a circumstance or to be able to act here immediately, it is immensely important to control oneself after work, to cleanse oneself energetically and to carry out a very clear grounding, so that one is truly back in reality and in the here and now. If after an invocation strange things should happen in your own environment, if you should dream very intensively and abnormally, it is absolutely necessary to scan and energetically cleanse yourself again. If there is still no “improvement”, an energetic exorcism is needed – whether as a real ritual or as an astral rite. We will talk about all that in further parts of this series.

Although corresponding dangers can also occur during evocations, the “spatial distance” is not to be sneezed at here. But an evocation may also tempt you to invoke principles that you would certainly never invite into your own energy system. As already mentioned, evocation refers to a “calling” or “calling out”, which refers to a direct summoning or calling. While the protagonist is standing in a magickal protective circle (eg. the one you see in the picture), the respective energies are called into an evocation triangle.

But it is also possible to summon simply outside of the circle, so that the focus of the triangle of summoning does not apply here. When it comes to “familiar energies”, you can of course also invite them into the circle. This is always done when an invocation is inappropriate or unnecessary for the type of magickal work.

One transforms one’s protective circle or energetic protective sphere into a semi-permeable wall, so that only the desired energy is admitted and all other energies are excluded. Such a technique is typical for a planetary ritual. Here only the energies of the respective desired planet are “let in”. All other energies remain locked out.

If you want to look at an evocation in general, you can simply say that all invocations and summons that are performed outside of an individual or human energy system are evocations. Just as with an invocation, there is no limit to an evocation. It can be attempted to invoke all kinds of beings, regardless of rank, alignment or vibration. Whether it is the energies of deceased people, e.g. when working with a Quija, whether it is divine principles from any pantheon, whether it is angels, malachim, nature spirits or whatever energies, every invocation here falls into the category of evocation.

You can try anything, although there are of course different hurdles to evocation. The energetic call must clearly penetrate the respective sphere of energy and one must have created one’s own energetic environment so that the energy can manifest. An evocation can be done whenever a magickal work is to be given cosmic support, so that certain energies are amplified and forced while other magickal elements may be specifically blocked. An evocation is therefore primarily about a special energetic focus, which is so concentrated that a self-sufficient and specific energy can “take shape”.

This focus can be supported, among other things, by using special symbols or seals and sigils that are specifically tailored to the being or stand for this energy as an analogy or shortcut key. If the magician can then imagine the complex seal or the simpler sigils, this will create another focus. Sometimes the corresponding symbols, seals and sigils are also transferred to paper, which is either burned during the invocation so that a call is sent out here, or they are drawn so large that the paper itself can serve as an incantation focus. For this reason, very often an incantation triangle is used, because here one can not only bundle an appropriately concentrated energy work, no, primarily the incantation triangle can also be seen as an additional protection.

The magician standing in the protective circle can equip the periphery of the triangle with additional banishing signs, so that the respective energy cannot leave the triangle. On the one hand, this can be seen as an exaggerated and ultimately double protection, but on the other hand, this way you can be sure that there is protection in any case, because of course a protective circle does not stop everything and is only as good as the protagonist or the one who created the protective circle.

When the called power is finally present, it depends on how the calling is defined. If the energy can/should/may only act in the triangle of incantation, one will be able to perceive something here via the forhead chakra. All other sensations should be subdued or hardly existent, because in the end the magickal protection should block everything. If this is not the case, the protection has failed!

If the energy can/should/may simply act outside the protective circle, many different things of perception are present. Countless experiments have been carried out, so that temperature sensors have been set up during incantations, various cameras covering different spectra, candles or thin silk bands (to make movements or “wind” in a closed room visible) or even microphones, odour sensors or other technical recording devices, which provided a gigantic range of measurement results.

During such experiments all kinds of results were already measured, no matter if it was clear temperature variations of +/- 5°C, draughts, different smells or even “shadows” or other “phenomena” which were only recognized later when evaluating the visual recordings. All in all, everything is possible with such an evocation.

It becomes even clearer if the evocation is planned in such a way that the respective energy is invited into the magick protective circle.

Of course, you can set up all kinds of sensors here, too, and they usually produce very useful and surprising results for the newcomer, but especially during the evocations into the protective circle, the adept is once again addressed more strongly than in the other variants. The energy system or the magician’s perceptions can be specifically addressed and manipulated (in a positive sense), so that clear sensory impressions are obtained, as if the called energy is material and “real” (in the sense of natural science) present.

One hears, sees, smells and feels the energy very clearly, as if one sees another person (or another “real life form”) in front of one. One will therefore be able to perceive a self-sufficient vibration of the respective energy very clearly, so that one can enter into a real dialogue. In addition, a very clear exchange of energy will of course also take place here, so that certain images, traits, feelings or other definitive perceptions can be recognised and felt. This is not always easy for the day consciousness to “cope” with at the beginning, as the everyday reality and experience is clearly “bent” here.

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When you are sure (for yourself) that the called energy is also present, you can start with the individual work. No matter if it is conversations, requests or other work. As it is also very often the case in the spiritual world that it is a “QUID PRO QUO”, one should always know what one is willing to give. But with a return service everything can be meant here.

A real sacrifice, a sincere thanksgiving, an energetic blessing, a temporary surrender of your own energy system or whatever else you can imagine. It is important here to be honest and sincere, because in order to cheat an energetic being, you yourself must be a timeless or dimensionally unlimited force. However, this is not the human being with his day-consciousness, so that one should always follow an honest and upright path.

No matter whether you work via invocation or evocation, if you have a specific wish, you should also define a time of action in the ritual or “negotiate” with the being.

The factor time is completely different for a human being than it is for energy beings. It is similar with the idea that one does regular work with a few beings, so that regular invo- or evocations occur. If one wants to go on such a way of work, one must of course also make a certain trade with the energy.

Of course, one should “ask” the respective energy, because the “forced method” has rather developed from a medieval and very twisted ego view of the magicians of that time. If one then really has an “agreement” and if one “meets” at certain times or occasions – as in reality – the respective energetic work becomes much easier.

In the case of an invocation it should be mentioned that in this case of course a suitable energy can always penetrate a suitable energy system more easily than if one tries to merge contrary existences. But this is also possible, whereas in this case one has to define “contrary”. One can also easily invoke female energy vibrations into a man, just as one can invoke male vibrations into a woman.

Since every person has a male and a female side, it is basically “only” a matter of practice to bring different-gender energies into your own system. But this is not necessarily the classic method. If you look at witchcraft – in which very often and heavily invocations are used – the primary instruction is that a woman acts as a vessel of the goddess and the man as a vessel of God.

There is no classic role swap here, although it is possible. It is also the case in witchcraft that (in most cases) the goddess is first called into the physical body of the woman (high priestess) by the man (high priest). But before this act takes place, the vessel is prepared with the “5fold kiss”. Special areas on the woman’s physical body are activated, making it easier for the energy to penetrate. It is also the case that the high priest takes over the active and calling part.

Usually a general appeal is spoken (you can compare it with a prefix that allows contact with the divine spheres), so that the first energetic connections are already made here. Immediately afterwards, a special call is made that concentrates directly on the energy to be called. If you like, the actual contact is established here.

On the one hand, this is a very simple thing, but on the other hand it is also extremely difficult. From the outside, the high priestess doesn’t have to do anything. She stands around a little and the high priest makes the appeal. Inside the high priestess it looks very different.

Of course, the high priestess must also work clearly here, otherwise there will be no invocation. The energy called is usually brought into the system of the respective person via the chakra system and / or the Kundalini. So the high priestess has to open her energy channels from “inside” and the high priest from outside. This is very often done via the solar plexus chakra, although any other chakra is also possible.

The high priest accesses the high priestess’s energy system through the solar plexus chakra and sends an energetic call – then via the crown chakra of the high priestess – into the cosmos. The high priestess does exactly the same thing, addressing her entire chakra system. But also here it applies that not all energies have to be brought into your own energy system via crown chakra.

Any other chakra can also be used for this and sometimes it is even easier if an earth energy is brought into the system via the root chakra and not via the crown chakra. One can imagine it as if different energetic cycles are created in the body of the vessel, so that a clear and very clear exchange of energy can take place here.

Such work is of course always supported by various other “materials”. It is not for nothing that there are special incenses, body positions, trance techniques or focusing exercises.

So e.g. the imagination of the called divine principle on / in the body of the vessel is an important circumstance that can be very helpful. The same applies to the magick circle, which in this case should not be seen as protection, but as focus, as a burning glass.

However, there is no guarantee that an invocation will always be successful. An infinite number of factors play a role here, with most of the factors relating to the vessel. It is not always possible to maintain an equally strong concentration level. Sometimes the thoughts wander off, because “everyday life” is very loud. Even if you are not physically at the top, this will be a very clear influence.

But if an invocation has been carried out correctly and the called divine energy can establish itself, all those present will clearly notice this. In the case of witchcraft, the consciousness of the high priests is reset so that the divine principle can act.

In the case of witchcraft, the consciousness of the high priests is put back so that the divine principle can act. This can significantly change the nature, gestures, facial expressions and many other characteristics of the high priestess. It is also a tradition in witchcraft that after the successful invocation of the goddess, she invokes the god into the high priest. This has clear advantages, since a divine energy is already actively present and can act in a targeted manner.

Thus, the “5-fold kiss” is also performed on the high priest, so that the invocation takes place immediately afterwards. Because the goddess acts in the body of the high priestess, the energy channels are opened very consistently in the high priest, so that the god usually has an “easier path” than the goddess before him.

In the tradition of witchcraft, after each invocation a so-called “batch” is spoken, an inspired scripture that contains a universal divine message as its core statement, which naturally refers to the respective principle. Thus the “charge of the goddess” is of course different from the “charge of the god”. The stronger the energetic interconnection between the human energy system and the divine entity, the “faster” a deviation from a classical batch can occur, so that the divine energies – as in authentic channeling – address what is an essential topic for the group at the moment.

Often, however, it is also the case that – when an invocation takes place on the Sabbaths – the respective deity once again proclaims the core theme of the respective Sabbath. But it also happens very often that the batch is very individual – just as in a channeling – so that after this work the respective medium (high priestess and/or high priest) no longer knows exactly what was said. If one has already experienced several invocations – no matter whether “only” as a present person or as an active vessel – one can very quickly separate the wheat from the chaff and see clearly when a real, authentic contact is present and when a dramaturgical play takes place.

Everyone should know that there are many dangers, especially in invocations, and of course in evocations. But no matter how many warnings, hints, revelations or prophecies you issue, there will always be characters who do not listen or overestimate themselves. Well, in this case you have to say quite clearly that the “learning by pain” method works without any problems.

If the inexperienced would-be mage or witch gets involved with the wrong creatures, these characters can get very intense life initiations, so they will never want to have anything to do with magick again. Good on you! If you put yourself in danger, you can also perish in it. It’s similar to training.

If I have to train my muscles, but I don’t do it, but I hide it, I have to take the consequences. The magick is not much different here either. So you should always weigh up and see if you can work with the energies. It becomes fatal when you have to experience the quote “The spirits that called, I can’t get rid of” on your own body. Learning through pain!

In this sense, the author likes to thank you for your kind attention and we do hope, that you enjoyed the read. If there are any comments or questions which arose during the lecture, please feel invited to join our community on facebook or comment directly below this blogpost.

We are looking forward with pleasure to our next episode which will then be the topic of magickal Tools & Weapons. – Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you get informed always in time about new blog posts and other cool stuff here to come on 93MAGICK

May you be blessed on your magickal journey.




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