Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
—Liber AL vel Legis I:40

The A∴A∴ is a sempiternal Order whose heads have attained through personal experience. It is the true and invisible Order which has operated under various names and guises throughout history, with the sole purpose of guiding the spiritual evolution of humanity forward.  The methods applied are those of science and the aims are those of religion.

“This community possesses a School, in which all who thirst for knowledge are instructed by the Spirit of Wisdom itself; and all the mysteries of nature are preserved in this school for the children of light. Perfect knowledge of nature and of humanity is taught in this school. It is from her that all truths penetrate into the world; she is the school of all who search for wisdom, and it is in this community alone that truth and the explanation of all mystery are to be found.”

It requires no oaths of secrecy, or vows of obedience, nor is money ever requested. The work is private and always an honest and independent inquiry.

“Our community has existed ever since the first day of creation when the gods spoke the divine command: „Let there be light!“ and it will continue to exist till the end of time. It is the Society of the Children of Light, who live in the light and have attained immortality therein. In our school we are instructed directly by Divine Wisdom, the Celestial Bride, whose will is free and who selects as her disciples those who are devoted to her. The mysteries which we are taught embrace everything that can possibly be known in regard to God, Nature and Man.

Every sage that ever existed in the world has graduated at our school; for without wisdom no man can be wise. We all study only one book, the Book of Nature, in which the keys to all secrets are contained, and we follow the only possible method in studying it, that of experience. Our place of meeting is the Temple of the Holy Spirit pervading the universe; easily to be found by the elect, but for ever hidden from the eyes of the vulgar. Our secrets cannot be sold for money, but we give them free to every one capable to receive them.”

Love is the law, love under will.
—Liber AL vel Legis I:57

*OUR PROMISE: The vision of 93MAGICK is to provide those interested in spirituality and magick, whether beginner or advanced, with practical magickal and secret knowledge to spare themselves the long and tedious journey, commonly practiced and distributed by exoteric mystery schools, fraternities and the love&light new age section, to attain permanent knowlege and conversation with thy Higher Self or Holy Guardian Angel [K&C] and to, through its wisdom, be trained freely and independently, to develop or expand thy magickal abilities, to gain or expand knowledge of thy true will and to gain access to thy inner sanctum to be able to experience the initiation into the divine and universal brotherhood of the A∴A∴ and to bring forth humanity in its spiritual evolution.

Within the framework of the supreme triad and the secret chiefs of the A∴A∴, we are committed to providing only authentic and high-quality information and offers on the subject of practical magick to attainment of the great Arcanum. From time to time you will also receive other interesting information about offers (products, workshops & events) in connection with successful development of thy magickal abilities and the above mentioned vision and the interest thou expressest through thy download. All free information can be cancelled at any time via a link in the email or via a short message.

This royal path of illumination, about the knowledge and conversation with thy Holy Guardian Angel; the knowledge of thy true Will to accomplish the Great Work is our personal experience and that of some adepts of A∴A∴ – Please understand that the royal path of initiation into the secrets of Mysticism, Magick and the Divine itself is not for profane minds. We do not imply that you will successfully follow it in the same way, or that it is the only true path to enlightenment. We have the advantage of having practiced magick and spirituality ourselves for over 20 years and therefore, have a wealth of experience, which systems and paths lead to success and which lead to a dead end. The average person who begins the magickal path receives little or no results in the beginning but also can in the contrary experience massive changes and unexpected events. Failure is a proven means to gain strength and the dangers are many for the student of the A∴A∴ to fail.

The results depend very much on the soul’s own personal development of the student for each path is unique, highly individual and stands 100% within its own personal responsibility. Success and progress vary greatly and depend on many factors, including but not limited to background, experience and willingness of the student to actually follow the path. It is clearly stated at this point that 93Magick and all individuals within accept no responsibility whatsoever for any events, consequences or harm arising within the life of the student from the use of our services. Following the royal path to illumination involves high risks as well as massive and consistent efforts and measures. If you do not want to accept this, we are NOT the right place for you and ask you clearly NOT to take advantage of our offer and alternatively choose a different entry or further path on the royal art.

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