The Sword of the Kingdom of Avalon


Legend says that this magnificent sword emerges from the mists of the mythical kingdom of Avalon.

This sword is unique, because of the lobed blackened knob, the curved cross guard and its wide diamond-shaped blade.

Master craftsmen have finished off this sword with a silver ring carved by hand in the center of the knob. Arturo´s Avalon was said that the legendary “island of fruits and trees” was the birthplace of “Excalibur”, the most powerful sword ever forged.

Avalon was also a place of healing where Arturo recovered from the wounds suffered in the Battle of Camlann. As if it emerged from the mists and took the name of the mythical kingdom, The Sword of Avalon was born. It comes with a matching sheath.

Product Specifications:

  • Total length: 94 cm | 37″
  • Blade: 76 cm | 30″
  • Width: 6 cm | 2.35″
  • Weight: 1,305 gr| 2.87 p
  • Material: 1065 Carbon Steel
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