Tetragrammaton Gold Necklace

925,00 995,00 

Tetragrammaton is a Greek word meaning “Word of Four Letters,” and refers to the Hebraic Name of God, YHWH, which is commonly known in the West as Jehovah.

This gold pendant specially made for you, is the perfect accessory for anyone who loves powerful magickal jewellery. This also makes a great gift for family, or any special person in your life. It would look great for everyday use and is a powerful magickal tool.

Creation: This design is made by first flattening a sheet of 18k or 14k gold to the perfect thickness and then cut by hand with a miniature jewellery hacksaw. Afterwards there’s attach the bail which is also made by hand. Lastly the piece is filed down to remove any imperfection whatsoever and then polished to leave it shining.

Product Specifications

  • Material: 14k or 18k Gold
  • Measures: 1.18″ x 0.99″
  • Ready for Dispatch: 5 to 7 Days

Options Available

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