Ring of Kings – Diamond Set Lion Ring

This stunning, powerful, golden lion diamond ring with the finest engravings contains two 1-point diamonds in the eyes and a 4-point diamond in its throat.

– All are 100% natural diamonds and of at least SI2 quality.

Frater Zawe offers this piece in 18k or 14k gold. Also able to do any other special alloy that you might be interested in! The purity of the gold is guaranteed since he works with 24k gold and makes his own allow to be sure that if anything, the purity is a bit higher than marked. To make the alloys he starts with pure gold or 1000/1000* and add copper and silver to make yellow gold and copper with a bit of silver to make rose gold.

Pure gold or 24k is not used due to it being a soft metal and the jewelry could bend with use. 18k or 14k gold is very resistant and holds up very well to all daily activities.

*for example 18k gold is 750/1000 or 75% pure gold 25% alloy*

This exquisite treasure is readily available between US sizes 4 and 13 including all quarter sizes. The Ring has a width of 5mm. If you would like any other size please just send a message and we will quickly respond.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: 14k | 18k Gold
  • Gold Source: Brasil
  • Type: Rosegold | Gold
  • Ready for Dispatch: 7 – 14 days

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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