100% Functional Excalibur Magick Sword


Sword Excalibur, extracted from a stone, its magick leaf sealed the lineage of the young Arthur Pendragon to the throne of England. Our version is designed from the Camelot stories, from the time of the author, Sir Thomas Malory.

This sword has a high carbon steel blade and metal accessories with an antique finish that mimics the flowers of spring.

The two-hand grip and the wooden scabbard are covered in soft blue leather. The pod is also adorned with aged metal accessories in the shape of a flower.

Product Specifications

  • Total length: 109 cm | 42.9″
  • Sheet: Length 83 cm | 32.7″
  • Width: 6 cm| 2.36″
  • Weight: 1,475 kg | 3.25 Pound
  • Material: Carbon Steel
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